Saturday, July 4, 2009

Summer Adventures! #2

I forgot to mention that part of the fun of this summer was all the weddings I got to see. As we all know, I love a good time. And weddings are so that! Eating, drinking, dancing, talking, singing - that's like the best kind of party ever! Also, there is love. Some people would consider that to be the most important part of weddings - which I guess it is but, really, the drinking and dancing is a big plus, too. I tried to gank some pictures, but they are either already on facebook or encrypted. Sneaky sneaky.

So, to continue the summer adventures from the previous entry, we have: THE DUCK DERBY! I know, I know, way too exciting.

The ducks zoomed in.
The ducks from afar - NOT RIVER SCUM, actual ducks. And by actual I mean actual rubber ducks. Not to be confused with living ducks.A GIANT DUCK! We support eye protection. Honestly, I don't know what the ducks were supporting this year, but I think eye protection is a pretty good cause anyway.

All right! That does it for today! Next time will be for real even more osom (as if that's even POSSIBLE!) and unless something more intriguing, time-occupying, or otherwise prioritized occurs first, I should be posting about Val's and my trip to Chicago!

Keeping it real.
Real osom.

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