Monday, September 28, 2009

I sort of feel compelled to write one last entry from the USA for a few months. On the other hand, I sort of feel compelled to finish packing - and look how far that's gotten me! Well, actually, I'm doing ok on the packing, I think, just the stuff I need on a day-to-day basis is pretty much all I have left.

It's weird that it's a Monday and I'm not at work.

Welp, this is about all I can think of right now. I'm sort of frazzled by all the stuff I am supposed to be doing but am avoiding - classic psychology technique, what's up. But I'll make a better one soon!


Saturday, September 12, 2009

A change will do me good

So, in big AND exciting news, I quit my job! I've never quit a job in my life; well, officially, I mean. There was that one time at Arby's where I basically stopped showing up and then conveniently winter break was over, but please, that was Arby's. Every other time soccer season ended, or I graduated, or I went back to KU/OP. But this, this was different. I wrote a fancy resignation letter and everything. Possibly the best part? I submitted it before my performance review so I got to skip that. Bonus.

To sum up this job would be almost difficult, except I am really good at summarizing (thank you, AP English). I learned a lot, about good things and bad things, and how to deal with different types of people, in good ways and bad ways. I got some really valuable experience, showed I can hold down a job, have learned a buttload of Spanish (not all I want to, but I will eventually [by using the Force]), been revered for my grasp of technology (granted, only because I was the youngest person there and that naturally lends some advantage in this field) and efficiency, and did generally philanthropic things the whole time. There were some cons, but no need to bring negativity all up in here. There are a few people I will miss though, but if they were cool enough to be missed then they will be cool enough for me to see them again.

So now I will be skating through the next two weeks at work, making lists of what to pack and some things I need to get done before I leave on the 29th - like getting my hair cut, as IF I will risk my hair to the estilistas there! - and random other miscellany like my social life, which is almost as important as packing - seriously, they have stores there so it isn't like a mega big deal if I eff it up. Also, I should probably relearn how to use punctuation.

In other news, I found a Lion King book while I was working on my Charlie Brown. My life has been re-changed. I've never been able to sing before, but these songs are so easy (I remember I learned them with my piano teacher Scott, which is pre-high school, but I can't remember how old I was) I'm hoping to develop a new talent in two weeks! Who KNOWS what you can accomplish in two weeks if you actually try? I mean, I hope I get the boxes finally organized and semi-packed and back to being able to go running, but once those are done, everyone will "feel the love tonight" and it will be amazing. It is said that you develop a habit in 21 days and I leave in 17, so if I get crackin' you might see me on Factor X! Hahaha, omg, ok, I just had a mental image and I am seriously laughing, I'm envisioning a need to fulfill the elementary Disney in English niche while in Spain. I don't know if that niche market is there, but at least I can try to fill it!

Lately I have reverted back to my Olathe band roots. On Friday night, the Poms were at the ON football game. Not because I like football, per se (note previous posts re: caring about sports), but because my brother is in the marching band. Yay! Keepin' it in the fam. Then this morning we went to Old Settlers'. Talk about nostalgia. I remember when I marched it all the way back in elementary school, and we thought we were so cool and I was lucky if I could squawk my clarinet while trotting along. And then in junior high when I envied the high school uniforms. And then in high school where I was like, honestly, people, left RIGHT left RIGHT. What is up with the incompetence in marching in step? It's basically just fancy parallel walking with people on your side. Throughout the many years that I marched in that parade, I never really participated in the actual festival aspect. I did go once, but I thought it was kind of lame so just stuck with watching the parade ever since. It's because deep down I am still a band nerd, don't judge me, so my priorities are slightly different. But it's kind of nice to know that no matter what decade it is, what I've been doing, or how much older/wiser I've become, that at least Old Settlers' will still be there.

So to resolve this slightly anachronistic, flashback-ish post, I will wrap up the nostalgia to get back to the present preparation for the future. "The future" sounds so serious, but really I bet it will be hilariously wonderful; I say bring it on! Also, with margs. Margs make the future sound really comforting and welcoming. So for now, peace out! I'll try to do another post right before I leave, but no promises. I don't want to pigeonhole myself to this while I am busy doing things and being social. Until next time, go fight win!