Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I realize that last post sounded a little melodramatic, so I thought I would write about some of the nice things about being back.

When I step out of the shower, I don´t have to lather myself in lotion.
The school unblocked fb so I can do whatever I want on the internet in between classes, if things aren´t working at my apartment.
Manu thoughtfully is contributing to my continued indulgence of Reese´s peanut butter cups, even though I don´t know how/where he got them.
I can go outside with just a light jacket, not all bundled up.
The party don´t start till I walk in, and it don´t stop until 7am. Which equals a lot of fun party times.

OK, that is a brief list. When I get the fb album finished, I´ll link it up here!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Back to school

Hola amigos!
I officially am a horrible blogger. I forget I have this so I don't bother to update and adding pictures when my internet is so sucky (but free, so I can only complain so much, right?) that it frustrates me and I am anti-frustration.

Anyway, let me divulge the fascinating events that have transpired lately. Winter in Spain: winter in Galicia = rain. Fortunately while I was back in KS I missed the bulk of it, yay! Then we get to the Christmas season, which is decorated pretty similar to American-style. Lights on the streets and Santa Clauses everywhere. Since the faculty is muuuuch larger than in Monforte, we didn't have a special faculty Christmas dinner and I seemed to miss the class' Christmas dinner with the students.

Then I went back home. It was awesome. I lounged around WITH WORKING INTERNET AND TV WITH MORE THAN TWENTY CHANNELS and enjoyed CONVERSING WITH PEOPLE I LIVE WITH and was able to have fancy drinks when I went out. And drive. All really important things.

So I went back to Vigo on the 9th, just before the huge storm that closed or delayed the airports or flights. Phew. Especially since it is such a long journey anyway, I don't need any extra delays. BUT WAIT! I still got there late and had to wait forever in the Madrid airport - but this time I didn't get pickpocketed, yay! - and then the flight to Vigo was delayed which means that I would miss the bus that goes to the city. Super. Anyway, I put on my social face and started talking to the group of people waiting and complaining about the plane being delayed and got to talking and met an old couple and they invited me to share a cab with them instead of getting one by myself. Yay! Then I showered and went to sleep because the next day I had class.

Speaking of class, this is the penultimate round of classes with advanced students before I am moved to intermediate level. This essentially means that I can repeat all the lectures I've done so far, yay for no more 'lesson plans'! This weekend there was a British birthday party (the birthday part was just convenient I think for the day, no one actually knows whose birthday it was) and it was like a UN conference: Greeks, Germans, Iranians, Afghanis, Austrians, Brasilians, every kind of Brit, and me and Luc rounded out the North American continent. Oh and someone from Spain, just for variety's sake. Next next weekend we are planning a Kansas day celebration since it is the sesquicentennial of Kansas, and there are a lot of us here in Galicia and Spain!, so it should be really fun to meet the other Kansans and catch up with those I already know.

That's about it. Just trying to readjust to being back here. After an incident involving spices TRAGICALLY falling into my ravioli and something else involving pants, I miss home and how pleasantly spoiled I am there. OK, I think that is enough of an update. I think once I get photos on facebook, I will set up a link and that way I won't stress out and you can see more than 10 photos at a time. Win win!