Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Step 0.2

So while making this blog, I was considering backtracking to memorialize my trip through Central/Eastern Europe. But then I realized that that would make me want to show everyone about my escapades during Mardi Gras in New Orleans, then my trip to Costa Rica/Panama, which would then want to make me talk about Ireland. In conclusion, I would look like some pretentious elitist (possibly true but not something one should announce), so I have opted, instead, to scribe about current events - to me, don't worry, the ticker is about as news-y as I get - and to hopefully share some interesting or comical insights to which I bear witness.

Also this is good practice to get into a habit of consistency.

Today, I want to commemorate an amazingly historical event: US men's soccer showed up to play. And beat Spain. I'm clearly not an avid sports watcher, but it's one of those things you can talk about later. This is probably how I would classify myself: if I'm going to watch a sport, I'll cheer on my local teams when they play. If they aren't playing, who cares? Not me. Anyway, when Spain plays all other teams, viva la roja! Ditto for USA. But when they go head to head, my nationalism gets the best of me. Like in the Olympics. Or with KU. Another analogy, if KSU makes it into any big games, I will cheer for them as long as it isn't against KU. I still identify locally. Anyway, very exciting. Plus I could taunt and trash talk some co-workers, ALWAYS a bonus.

Coming soon! Valerie and I explore Chicago in the shortest amount of time that would be logical for visiting a large city - oh well, our track record isn't perfect anyway - to start the official visa process. After a relatively simplistic application process, an annoyingly long waiting time to hear the results, and UNUSUALLY suspicious system problems, this is a tangible step forward! I'm providing future readers ample time to prepare to read a retroactive entry about this event; so, heads up.

Keep it real.
Real osom.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Step 0.1

Oh, hello there!

I see you have stumbled across my humble blog. As the preliminary entry, I am basically just testing all the settings and remembering how to manage such a thing. My last attempt at electronically recording my events, experiences and observations unfortunately must be classified as an epic fail. Too many interesting things happened to me and I totally neglected to share it with people who are bored enough to read about this, I mean, people who love me.

So as my mid-year resolution, I vow to comply with the expectations people have of a blogger - small-scale, mind you - and at least grant you a glimpse of the semi-entertaining and evocative things I experience/get myself into. With that said, here is the unveiling of the blog that is hopefully fascinating enough to keep you coming back for all the posts I hope to remember to submit.

Next up, the processes for the next year of my life and possibly my summer adventures so far! Here's to keeping my mid-year resolution and to keeping it interesting! See you next time!