Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Tonight I will take my yoga final. When I first found out about it, I was determined to fail it on principle. And mostly by my lack of attendance. However, I then was told that it was planned to be at the end of a normal yoga class.

So as a change of plans, I will still go take a test I find useless, but at least enjoy an hour and a half of yoga. This is kind of bittersweet: I have ALWAYS wanted to fail a class. I know this seems like a bizarre goal, but I've only failed tests and homework, never an entire class. It would be kind of like an accomplishment. PLUS it would be a good, take THAT, academia! after all the years I have abided by the rules of the system. This further ties into my secret goal of being a farmer who gets paid to grow nothing. How osom is that! You just hang out and are paid to make sure you do nothing! I see no downsides.

I did, however, purposefully not look at the page where all the answers are as my very minute protest against having a final. In the summer. For a yoga class. At JCCC. I know, tell me you wouldn't do the same.

Okie dokie, off to a lovely yoga class with a completely pointless final exam. Wish me luck! Haha!

EDIT: While some people had NOTECARDS to study before the exam, I think I only missed one question. As if I didn't value this exam enough, I don't even care to figure out how to check my grade.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Chicago, Chicago, that toddlin' town

OK! So here is the much anticipated post about Chicago. Forgive the formatting.
In pictures, this is going to be a better story than even I, Ms. Hyperbole, could develop to explain our adventures in the Windy City.

So, VKT and I are heading off to Chicago so I can submit the paperwork to get a Visa for Spain. Two thumbs up for traveling to other countries with the correct documentation. Anyway, since we are po' folk, we opt to go to Chicago via bus rather than fly or pay for the gas to drive 8 hours. This is such a brill setup! We go to the bus stop at 8:00 pm, roll out around 9:00 pm and the next morning at 7:00 am we are all of a sudden in Chicago!

To clarify, 'all of a sudden' would be so nice. However, this voyage went a little more like this: start off excited and antsy! Try to sleep for the few hours before the first stop. Freeze to death. Wake up in Columbia for a potty break. Get yelled at for going up the wrong stairs in the bus. Stop in St. Louis to pick up more passengers (thank goodness, the 8 of us didn't take up much space on the bus, but luckily I got to stretch out a bit [however useless it was]). Have some jerks sit RIGHT BEHIND US despite THE ENTIRE BUS BEING PRACTICALLY EMPTY and them kneeing my seats. Freeze to death a little more. Wake up in Illinois!

Mk, so, after waking up in Chicago we prioritize our needs, find a baƱo and then a little cafe for breakfast. Using Val's totally bomb GPS, we manage to not find any of the restaurants that showed up on the map.

But we do have a bite to eat before going to a fancypants hotel to change clothes for my meeting with the Consulate.

In a grand total of two minutes, I had submitted all my paperwork and been told how to proceed to pick up the actual Visa. You read that right, after a ten hour bus ride, a few hours looking for a place to eat and change our clothes, the purpose of the entire trip was over in two minutes. Epic.

So, after that, the second most important part of the trip: The Shedd Aquarium! Because we were there so ridiculously early (showing up early for the meeting and not taking as long as planned definitely helped), we basically zoomed right through. And among the displays, we caught up on what was needed most:

Being protective of imaginary young.
And general goofing off with a photo safari.
And look at these losers who had to wait OUTSIDE while we were busy watching dolphins, sharks, motivating children to participate in the activities (if we don't start wearing penguin suits, who will?) and pretending to read the displays! Ha!
After the aquarium, we went to Millennium Park to look at the interesting structures, like the bean, the faces, the amphitheater, etc.

And after hearing some distant music, Val and I venture beyond the lawn to find... The Taste of Chicago! This is huge! What are the odds that the less than 24 hours we were to be in Chicago we would be able to go to this festival!
After that, we wandered around a little bit, ate some ice cream, Chicago style pizza, a midori marg, walking around the 'miracle/magnificent mile' and general picture taking.
A piece of John Brown's cabin from good ol' KS.

The L.
Well, that was about it! We fit about three days of activities into one! And we ate and drank lots, too! We hit up a tapas restaurant before peacing out and enjoyed some white wine sangria, croquetas, potatas bravas and more white wine sangria. We are osom. All that was left to do was be at the bus station before 11:55 pm to drive another few hours before arriving back in KC. Victory!

So that was pretty much the haps for Chicago. Very exciting! And a new experience for me, can't complain there! Okie dokie, good reading, see you next time! Keep it osom!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Summer Adventures! #2

I forgot to mention that part of the fun of this summer was all the weddings I got to see. As we all know, I love a good time. And weddings are so that! Eating, drinking, dancing, talking, singing - that's like the best kind of party ever! Also, there is love. Some people would consider that to be the most important part of weddings - which I guess it is but, really, the drinking and dancing is a big plus, too. I tried to gank some pictures, but they are either already on facebook or encrypted. Sneaky sneaky.

So, to continue the summer adventures from the previous entry, we have: THE DUCK DERBY! I know, I know, way too exciting.

The ducks zoomed in.
The ducks from afar - NOT RIVER SCUM, actual ducks. And by actual I mean actual rubber ducks. Not to be confused with living ducks.A GIANT DUCK! We support eye protection. Honestly, I don't know what the ducks were supporting this year, but I think eye protection is a pretty good cause anyway.

All right! That does it for today! Next time will be for real even more osom (as if that's even POSSIBLE!) and unless something more intriguing, time-occupying, or otherwise prioritized occurs first, I should be posting about Val's and my trip to Chicago!

Keeping it real.
Real osom.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Summer Adventures! #1

So, this summer has been particularly exciting. It has walloped last summer, for sure. For those of you who don't get to experience the wonder of Kate's summer, I introduce to you: a glimpse.

The plan is to do this with photos, but as I have low expectations and last time was NIGHTMARISH I will start slowly and work my way up. It's like jacob's ladder - super shaky and if you get to the next rung you are talented. That's where I like my expectations - attainable. So here goes, my summer so far.

This is me pitching at our kickball games! We are Team Osom and definitely that (ignoring the final scores). A look at uniforms:
And the back:
We are all flexing our osom muscles. I know, be impressed and afraid. Also, I am giving myself a pat on the back for having THREE photos up already!

On to the next event:
So this is Naseem and I kicking it at a Royal's game. They renovated the stadium and KC now hosts the country's largest Hi-Def screen (queue "Everything's up-to-date in Kansas City"), take a look!
Woo!! Look at all those pictures! I'm going to call this a post, the next one will be equally exciting involving the DUCK DERBY and an excursion to Chicago. And with more pictures (I'm very pleased that I got this far, and if I could do it once, surely I could a second time, right? Right!), so, stay tuned and patient and osom!