Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

I thought I would take some time out today -- EVEN THOUGH I AM WORKING, SPAIN, WHY DO YOU NOT RECOGNIZE THIS AMERICAN HOLIDAY, TOO -- to update my blog!

I am thankful for having internet even if it doesn't work super super awesomely because now they have blocked facebook at the school. And I am thankful for the friends I've made in Vigo because my roommates are kind of lame. And I'm thankful for Manu and his sister so it's kind of like family on Thanksgiving day. I am also thankful that the weather here is still pretty good. I'm mega thankful that there is a grocery store literally across the street and I can get my chips, yogurt, cookies and juice there for super cheap. And I'm thankful that EVEN THOUGH I HAVE TO WORK TODAY that I really only 'work' for like barely any part of the week. Also I'm thankful that although each time I update and say that I will include photos and then I end up not, no one has tried to find me with torches and pitchforks to 'inspire' me to add photos.

I'm thankful for other stuff, too, but sometimes it isn't as funny or interesting as aforementioned things: like my family, getting my stuff done for grad school, the new harry potter movie, etc. etc.

In other news, a few weekends ago I went to Santiago to see the Pope. It was mega lame. Everything was gated off so you couldn't GO anywhere and it was so crowded I couldn't SEE anything. But there was a protest and tv screens so I could see the Popemobile and the bazillions of people there.

I hope everyone is having a fantastic Thanksgiving and Thanksgiving break and I look forwarding to seeing everyone Dec 15!


Monday, November 1, 2010

And back!

Sorry I have not written sooner. I know my legion of loyal fans have been anticipating the day when I would update this xD but, what can I say. I'm almost busy and still adjusting to my new city and job, well 'job'. And I don't have internet in my apartment so it's been kind of annoying getting online if I'm not at the school and it's closed on the weekends.

Anyway, I thought I would do a quick compare-and-contrast about last year and so far this year! See, the simplification of English process has taken root and I make little diagrams to explain things. It's an epidemic!!

Things that were more awesome in Monforte/Ourense:
I had internet in my apartment
I had awesome roommates
The teachers gave me photocopies of activities to do in class so I didn't have to plan anything

Things that are more awesome in Vigo:
My apt is walking distance from the school, and super super close to the train and bus station
When I prepare a lesson, I use the same thing for two weeks, so I only have to do some preparation once every two weeks!
My roommates are barely there so it's not like we are fighting for space (except for how I don't have any space to put food in the freezer)
I made quick friends with the French teacher (who speaks English) so if my brain needs a break from all the Spanish I just go hang out with Luc.

Most of what I've been doing if I haven't been in school talking about myself for 24 classes has been going out at night. I'm getting pretty hip on the cool places to go, there are a few 'going out zones' so you sort of have to figure out how all of it works. But it's tons of fun! And I'm meeting lots of new people.

The craziest thing that has happened relating to Kansas: one of my students studied at Bishop Miege high school for a year about 12 years ago!! That is nutty. One of the teachers went to KU and married a guy from Wichita, but that isn't so strange since KU-Santiago have an exchange program, but Bishop Miege?! What a small world!!

Ok, well I will try to update later. I want to show everyone some pictures of Vigo and all the crazy statues that are here, which are fun to see everywhere, so it will be like a taste of my reality. But that will have to wait until I get a better internet connection, haha.

Until next time!