Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Chicago, the sequel

So in what feels like the strangest summer weather ever, my sister and I took a mini-trip up north. What do you know, it was even colder.

Going into secret agent mode, we (I) scheduled the day's activities as such:

Mission 1- breakfast. Must. Carb. Up.
Objective: achieved, but just barely. You would think there would be more cute cafes, but after walking I settled for Dunkin Donuts. Meh. But a smoothie! Hurray!

Mission 2- consulate.
Objective: achieved. Added bonus of showing up before the employee, even AFTER saying 'let's hang out a little so I don't seem overeager and there right exactly at 9'. So we daintily waited until 9.05, an appropriate window. Five minutes after that, the employee arrives. Bomb. I LOVE Spanish time! I am way better at Spanish time than I am at American time. In other exciting news, my visa has my PICTURE on it! I know! Totally showing up my visa from when I studied in Santiago.

Mission 3- The Field museum. Natural history museum + special 3d dinosaur movie + pirates.
Objective: BEYOND achieved. This was so osom. I think we spent a little over four hours here. There were so many exhibits, and as a fan of museums of the natural history variety, I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Mi hermana y yo went here, and there, around the bend, on the third floor, to the basement, to the window, to the wall. Even to the lame kiddy ones.

Mission 4- lunch. pizza!
Objective: only barely achieved. Seriously. How many Giordano's pizza places are there? And how did we not find any? So, after the museum we walked for a long time (legit, it was proof from my watchometer - my new favorite piece of technology, sorry iPod) and ended up in a somewhat sketch looking area. At this point, I changed into my thinking pants and we decided to pause and get some better directions. We talked to a guy who was mega nice and just switched up the left/right instructions once we got to the main street, and then, victory! Also, while we were waiting to go to the consulate/eating breakfast/walking through millennium park, there was a Giordano's pizza RIGHT NEXT TO WHERE WE WERE SITTING ACROSS FROM THE CONSULATE! I swear to buddha. I felt like such a numbnut, oh well, still ate pizza! And with canadian bacon! And another midori cocktail! Bonus!

Mission 5- The Sears tower.
Objective: failed. Apparently you have to go through security and then pay $15. And it's called the Willis tower now.

Mission 6- Navy Pier.
Objective: achieved. But why? Also, according to watchometer, it was about an 8 mile walk to get there from the Sears/Willis tower and back. Good thing my feet were acclimated!
Mission 7- Union Station.
Objective: achieved. Ugh. Zonked. Want. To. Sleep. I spramped some water on my face and started pumping iPod to stay up. After a ratito, we headed outside to wait for the bus. And guess what, it started to rain. Osom. And it was cold the whole day, lame!

Mission 8- Ride home.
Objective: achieved! Obv! And I slept basically the whole time. And we had some leftover pizza for breakfast. And I was very responsible and bladder-aware so I wouldn't have to go potty on the bus. V-i-c-t-o-r-y.

So there you have it! Now I am going to put some pictures up to hopefully describe some of this. Cross your fingers! OMG I DID IT! *victory dance*

All right, that's it for now. See you next time!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Best week evar!

This seriously has been the best seven days since the invention of the television (or introduction of cable, it's a toss-up). Enjoy this!

Tuesday: inaugurated vkt's piso with some hookah, lambic floats, p&l (although that part was actually kind of lame).

Wednesday: hookah with Luis and Liz, more lambic, more p&l (also a bust, though this time because it was too crowded rather than there being kind of nothing going on).

Friday: kickball, blasting "she-wolf"/"loba", team osom celebration, trivia - I won! I never win things! This just goes to show that osom transcends just kickball, it is a way of life and a manner of thinking. Hm, I do not glorify it at all... hahaha.

Saturday: aside from working in the morning, Josh and I went to see Chicago at Starlight. OMG! It was amazing. It was like the good parts of the movie (the songs) sexyfied! They hit all the right double entendres and backed it up with some insinuation. It was wonderful. Also, it was raining practically the whole night, so our ponchos came to be very handy. And attractive - albeit indistinguishable from the innumerable other ponchos. Anyway, the other people in the row all bailed so Josh and I were the row champions! After that we went to missie's, saw Doug, enjoyed some booze, then went home. I was zonked!

Sunday: FINALLY got to sleep in, although it was a little too much because I was running around my house frantically looking for random objects, pants, band-aids, etc. Anyway, after that I go to Luis' house to meet up with him, Sergio and VKT so we can go to the Wizards game! I'm sure I look like quite the KC sports fanatic, but it's about the venue, company and something new to do. Plus, I can't really complain about losing teams, haha!! After that I finished "World Without End", it was very enjoyable. I secretly love happy endings in books, and this one delivered but not in a cheesy "Twilight" way, but rather in a everything happened that you wanted to happen but this does not go to great lengths to achieve this or whomp you over the head with it. Victory.

Tuesday: Fiesta espaƱola! La bomba! I'm even more excited about peacing out to Spain, especially for the food and all the opportunities I will have to carb up! And I also enjoy drinking, so that will be perfectly accomodating! More hookah, yoga jokes, borderline blasphemy, new and classic tapas. A picture-perfect evening. It has introduced the idea that as amazing as it will be that I'm going off to Spain, I'll be missing my friends here. Oh well, that is what small breaks are for, right? Right!
Also today I made my cursor at work into a dinosaur. I feel that while this technically improves nothing, at least I have something new to look at while I'm busy zoning out.

Thursday: coming up! Another trip to Chicago. This time to pick UP my visa. I really want to go to the natural history museum and Navy pier- but of course I will let you all know what went down and how it was!

Okie dokie, off to bed! This has been such a busily fun last few days that I feel like I need to catch up on some sleep! Keep it real, REAL OSOM! And I will catch you on the flipside, hopefully to spill a little more info about Chicago!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

No guilt in pleasure

One of my semi-secret semi-guilty completely amazing pleasures is trashy tv. But not just any trashy tv show, no no, I have standards. These standards are low, I admit, but they do exist. I may scrape the bottom of the barrel, but my barrel is still above scraping the bottom of the well.

As such, I confess that now, while in the midst of the summer/fall transition, I am almost too excited to think. However, I am more than capable to reflect and reveal this vice, and then when everyone realizes how RIGHT and how exciting this is, we can get together to talk about it. Much like a book club minus all the pretentiousness.

VH1 and MTV are amazing. Like manna from heaven. Like an extra peanut in the shell. Like cuteoverload.com or gofugyourself. The possibilities are endless! The less than classy dating shows, especially the spawn of spurned suitors and pissed off paramours, offer a variety of entertainment options:

1) the spectacle. Give the people what they want, and the people (me) want to see conflict, smacktalk and ESPECIALLY scandal. This could be because this is all thankfully lacking from my life, so it is a legitimate escape to see what I don't have and to live vicariously through more interesting, although less desireable, scenarios.

2) the superiority/at least that's not me. Granted, this is related to the spectacle, but on a more individualized level. It is easily understood that I am more than pleased to not be making a fool of myself on national tv (viewer number unknown) or looking uggo. So, while I may not be gorgeous or brilliant, at least I am doing better than these fools! Plus, no one but the people around me can fall victim to my short-of gorgeous or genius moments. Furthermore, this is FUNNY. Where else could I hear such gems as "this is Daisy of love not Daisy of kill" or "your credit has been declined" or "will you continue to rock my world?". Classy.

3) predictability/lack thereof. This is a tricky category. On the one hand, everyone knows that the producers play a certain role in the selection/elimination process: if they are stirring up drama, they are staying. But if they stir up too much drama and are instigating violence, they leave. (Look how much they appreciate my anti-violence/pacificism! Violence does not fly, even trashy reality shows are hip to that! An actual point for legitimacy, but that's all they need, we aren't expecting the next Friends or anything.) Being sexy is a plus, being slutty or manwhore-y is treading dangerous ground. You can't become too friendly with your competitors, but if you isolate yourself you have no allies. This genre makes dating strategic. It's brilliant if you can get past the superficiality of the whole thing. Unfortunately, the final episodes are always NOT what I would do. I feel like this is because I usually judge people well, and theses people do not. This goes back to the superiority thing and how I feel like I should be a consultant. Not only would the world be better off, but their summer relationships might make it to the fall!

So there you have it. After I have graduated, these have been the most intellectual paragraphs I have written (not counting editing essays), and I have made it an homage to trashy reality dating shows. Oh well, at least my degree(s) grant(s) me a little credibility.

Next up, summer adventures: continued!
Keep it osom, classy, and off-camera.