Tuesday, July 13, 2010

So, ironically, even though I have been on vacation since June, I have not put in the time to update this blog. Well, maybe not ironically, it IS summer and everyone is a little lazy during summer break. But my summer break is like 4 months, so tsk tsk me for not being on the ball.

As everyone IN THE WORLD knows, Spain won the World Cup. What does this mean? Very little, except for the huge people gathering to watch the last few games and celebrate downtown. Oh, and typically non-patriotic Spaniards have been chucking up the Spanish flag all over the place, so everything is littered in red and yellow. And they win like $30 million, which all the economists - with the excitement and increased tourism and drinking in bars/restaurants - claim will get Spain out of their economic crisis. Which is kind of laughable, but I guess positive thinking doesn't hurt? But it was fun watching and seeing the spectacle and how famous Pulpo Paul has become! Yesterday I was watching TV (omg, finally a tv, don't judge) and it was kind of like when KU won the national championship. There was a huge welcome home rally and parade and they were up on stage and giving speeches. Except more singing and dancing and fun little Spain cheers. Anyway, I'm considering offering my OBVIOUS talent for being in the place where a team WINS IT ALL to the highest bidder. So, professional sports teams, please get in touch and we can work out a fair and advantageous contract for both parties.

As another update, I moved out of Ourense and am bumming around in friends' apartments until I fly back to Kansas for two months. It sort of complicated my running schedule because Ourense had the perfect trail and I knew all the distances, but change is good even if I have to use more math. And now I'm using a different super market, so it's both exciting and frustrating all at once! It's more expensive but there are some new fun things to try in these last few weeks. This week Manu and I, and hopefully some of our friends, will be finishing the Camino de Santiago. We will be starting where we left, in Baamonde, but it would be much appreciated if everyone could do the rain dance where they are so it doesn't follow us on the pilgrimage, thanks. xD Also, hoping it won't be mega hot. My sleep schedule is typical summer (wake up after 11), so adjusting to wake up early to walk in the cool dawn will be trying at best.

In other news, I met a group of Texas Tech med students who are doing a course/practicum in Santiago. It was hilarious. They didn't speak much Spanish so when a group of Catalans came by wanting to talk with AMERICANS, they had me translating a lot. And didn't even buy me a drink for all that work! Texans. xD Actually, they were mostly really nice and didn't glare at me when I kept giggling at how they said y'all the entire time. Well, I guess that's it. I spend most of my day reading, watching tv, running and buying gummi candy (I've moved on from zaps and it seems to have transferred to things like gummi ham hocks, which don't taste like ham but instead a juicy piece of heaven) so nothing too particularly crazy happens. Next time I feel inspired, I'll put up some pictures of Ted's and my trip through Spain and some summer photos. Until next time!

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