Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Look at this! Two posts in one month! Could be considered a record. Unfortunately, I have been feeling really rushed all the time for no particular reason so am feeling too rushed to put pictures up. But, I finished the Camino! Which means very little. I got this sweet little certificate thing though and I can say that I've walked over 200 kilometers (120-ish miles), so I will put that up on my 'accomplishments you might say at an interview to prove something but you won't actually put on your resume'. Other things like that are the marathon and reading the entire Harry Potter series in Spanish. Also I can do summersaults.

Currently I have been going to the beach in the afternoons and have slightly dimmed the blinding reflection my bare stomach causes and going for lots of walks around the town and stuff. There was an international jazz fest recently and I went up and talked to the jazz group afterward, they are from Detroit and one of their next stops, after some other Spanish town and Paris is Helsinki, Finland. Also I met the mormons here. Then I kept running into them. July is like Americans in Galicia Month! Who knew!! I didn't even get an invitation so I would know what to bring!

In annoying news, getting my residency card is becoming a big pain in the behind. I have made three trips to Ourense (the first one being a bust since I was misinformed of when I should be there and the bus was late, bad combo) but yesterday it FINALLY went through. So when I come back to Spain I can just go over there and pick it up and be all like legit. Hurray! I also tried looking for an apartment, no dice. Fortunately, the people at the school in Vigo will help me when I get there so I am not too panicked.

This is also my last post! When I was not in Ourense this week, I went to a barbecue party at a beach house and finally jumped in the frigid Atlantic waters because it has been mega hot here recently. Additionally, today is PeƱas which should be quite the fun fun time! I would think about adding some words of wisdom here, but since I will be back in two months time it doesn't seem necessary as a finality or anything. So I'll just leave this as my last post, hopefully during the summer break I can post some pictures of what I'd been doing recently. Cross your fingers! See everyone soon in Kansas!


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  1. don't know what happened there. will repeat. didn't read this til now. will see you tonight. got the cheetos puffs


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