Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Chicago, the sequel

So in what feels like the strangest summer weather ever, my sister and I took a mini-trip up north. What do you know, it was even colder.

Going into secret agent mode, we (I) scheduled the day's activities as such:

Mission 1- breakfast. Must. Carb. Up.
Objective: achieved, but just barely. You would think there would be more cute cafes, but after walking I settled for Dunkin Donuts. Meh. But a smoothie! Hurray!

Mission 2- consulate.
Objective: achieved. Added bonus of showing up before the employee, even AFTER saying 'let's hang out a little so I don't seem overeager and there right exactly at 9'. So we daintily waited until 9.05, an appropriate window. Five minutes after that, the employee arrives. Bomb. I LOVE Spanish time! I am way better at Spanish time than I am at American time. In other exciting news, my visa has my PICTURE on it! I know! Totally showing up my visa from when I studied in Santiago.

Mission 3- The Field museum. Natural history museum + special 3d dinosaur movie + pirates.
Objective: BEYOND achieved. This was so osom. I think we spent a little over four hours here. There were so many exhibits, and as a fan of museums of the natural history variety, I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Mi hermana y yo went here, and there, around the bend, on the third floor, to the basement, to the window, to the wall. Even to the lame kiddy ones.

Mission 4- lunch. pizza!
Objective: only barely achieved. Seriously. How many Giordano's pizza places are there? And how did we not find any? So, after the museum we walked for a long time (legit, it was proof from my watchometer - my new favorite piece of technology, sorry iPod) and ended up in a somewhat sketch looking area. At this point, I changed into my thinking pants and we decided to pause and get some better directions. We talked to a guy who was mega nice and just switched up the left/right instructions once we got to the main street, and then, victory! Also, while we were waiting to go to the consulate/eating breakfast/walking through millennium park, there was a Giordano's pizza RIGHT NEXT TO WHERE WE WERE SITTING ACROSS FROM THE CONSULATE! I swear to buddha. I felt like such a numbnut, oh well, still ate pizza! And with canadian bacon! And another midori cocktail! Bonus!

Mission 5- The Sears tower.
Objective: failed. Apparently you have to go through security and then pay $15. And it's called the Willis tower now.

Mission 6- Navy Pier.
Objective: achieved. But why? Also, according to watchometer, it was about an 8 mile walk to get there from the Sears/Willis tower and back. Good thing my feet were acclimated!
Mission 7- Union Station.
Objective: achieved. Ugh. Zonked. Want. To. Sleep. I spramped some water on my face and started pumping iPod to stay up. After a ratito, we headed outside to wait for the bus. And guess what, it started to rain. Osom. And it was cold the whole day, lame!

Mission 8- Ride home.
Objective: achieved! Obv! And I slept basically the whole time. And we had some leftover pizza for breakfast. And I was very responsible and bladder-aware so I wouldn't have to go potty on the bus. V-i-c-t-o-r-y.

So there you have it! Now I am going to put some pictures up to hopefully describe some of this. Cross your fingers! OMG I DID IT! *victory dance*

All right, that's it for now. See you next time!

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