Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Best week evar!

This seriously has been the best seven days since the invention of the television (or introduction of cable, it's a toss-up). Enjoy this!

Tuesday: inaugurated vkt's piso with some hookah, lambic floats, p&l (although that part was actually kind of lame).

Wednesday: hookah with Luis and Liz, more lambic, more p&l (also a bust, though this time because it was too crowded rather than there being kind of nothing going on).

Friday: kickball, blasting "she-wolf"/"loba", team osom celebration, trivia - I won! I never win things! This just goes to show that osom transcends just kickball, it is a way of life and a manner of thinking. Hm, I do not glorify it at all... hahaha.

Saturday: aside from working in the morning, Josh and I went to see Chicago at Starlight. OMG! It was amazing. It was like the good parts of the movie (the songs) sexyfied! They hit all the right double entendres and backed it up with some insinuation. It was wonderful. Also, it was raining practically the whole night, so our ponchos came to be very handy. And attractive - albeit indistinguishable from the innumerable other ponchos. Anyway, the other people in the row all bailed so Josh and I were the row champions! After that we went to missie's, saw Doug, enjoyed some booze, then went home. I was zonked!

Sunday: FINALLY got to sleep in, although it was a little too much because I was running around my house frantically looking for random objects, pants, band-aids, etc. Anyway, after that I go to Luis' house to meet up with him, Sergio and VKT so we can go to the Wizards game! I'm sure I look like quite the KC sports fanatic, but it's about the venue, company and something new to do. Plus, I can't really complain about losing teams, haha!! After that I finished "World Without End", it was very enjoyable. I secretly love happy endings in books, and this one delivered but not in a cheesy "Twilight" way, but rather in a everything happened that you wanted to happen but this does not go to great lengths to achieve this or whomp you over the head with it. Victory.

Tuesday: Fiesta espaƱola! La bomba! I'm even more excited about peacing out to Spain, especially for the food and all the opportunities I will have to carb up! And I also enjoy drinking, so that will be perfectly accomodating! More hookah, yoga jokes, borderline blasphemy, new and classic tapas. A picture-perfect evening. It has introduced the idea that as amazing as it will be that I'm going off to Spain, I'll be missing my friends here. Oh well, that is what small breaks are for, right? Right!
Also today I made my cursor at work into a dinosaur. I feel that while this technically improves nothing, at least I have something new to look at while I'm busy zoning out.

Thursday: coming up! Another trip to Chicago. This time to pick UP my visa. I really want to go to the natural history museum and Navy pier- but of course I will let you all know what went down and how it was!

Okie dokie, off to bed! This has been such a busily fun last few days that I feel like I need to catch up on some sleep! Keep it real, REAL OSOM! And I will catch you on the flipside, hopefully to spill a little more info about Chicago!


  1. you forgot one very exciting highlight: the WATCHOMETER!! Otherwise known as: when Kate's wrist started cross dressing xD

  2. HAHA! oh yess, that will be on my next post!


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