Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I realize that last post sounded a little melodramatic, so I thought I would write about some of the nice things about being back.

When I step out of the shower, I don´t have to lather myself in lotion.
The school unblocked fb so I can do whatever I want on the internet in between classes, if things aren´t working at my apartment.
Manu thoughtfully is contributing to my continued indulgence of Reese´s peanut butter cups, even though I don´t know how/where he got them.
I can go outside with just a light jacket, not all bundled up.
The party don´t start till I walk in, and it don´t stop until 7am. Which equals a lot of fun party times.

OK, that is a brief list. When I get the fb album finished, I´ll link it up here!

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