Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Winter's Tale (but less tragic)

I know it has been quite awhile since my last post, but that is because of many interesting things! In chronological order, Thanksgiving happened. I spent it with a family in Monforte and we had turkey, it was far from the same thing, but I definitely appreciated the sentiment. Also there were random shellfish, so it was a Galician Thanksgiving!

Then I got sick with whatever was going around at the school and the apartment.

Then there were the three days I worked in December plus the end-of-year dinner. It was mega fancy! We went to the parador and had a full-out feast. My dinner was an entremesa (croquetas, more shellfish [but this time it tasted pretty good], ham, cheese, more ham, octupus) for the appetizer, then hake (mine had more bones than other peoples, a conspiracy!! haha) and then a divine dessert sampler. It was delish. Accompanied with the food was some wine, then cola-cao and a shot of orujo. And we did the secret santa gift exchange! I got a scarf!

Then I went home. The day that I left to go home it snowed outside of Ourense! How crazy! Once I got home, there was snow in Kansas, too. In KS, I frantically did some Christmas shopping and then mostly recovered from being sick. Once feeling like I was less of a mucus-factory, I hung out with my peeps. Christmas was excellent, both times! And New Years' was a blast. Once it came time for me to leave, I was frantically getting together my things and fearing the worst with all the bad weather at airports.

Speaking of, the flights were fine until it came time to go to Spain. I actually was sitting in front of one of my college linguistics professors on the way to Amsterdam! Also, this was my 13th transatlantic flight, not like I'm superstitious but still. Anyway, from Amsterdam to Madrid there was a four hour delay, which effectively erased any hopes I had of getting to Santiago early and blowing off a long layover in Madrid. Once I FINALLY landed in Madrid, there is a line 9 miles long for Iberia. Ugh. I get through the line (2 hours long, no hyperbole) and they tell me I am waitlisted! WHAT!!! So there is 20 minutes for me to get through security and go to my gate before boarding. I get there because I am a Madrid airport expert, and find out it has been delayed AGAIN. Hm, kind of convenient. So I look for an employee to talk to them about my waitlist status and then decide I will just get in line anyway since there are no employees except for the customer service people and they have a 4 mile long line of customers ready to complain. So, while in line, they delay the flight AGAIN. By this time, people just take a seat because honestly, this is getting ridiculous. I wanted to point out how much more snow was at Kansas City than Madrid - which I did to the random people who wanted to talk to me, which was more than usual! - and I decided to get in line just in case. Talking to these random people, we all started hoping that I would get in since I don't know anyone in Madrid and I would be stuck in the airport even longer. Much to my surprise, I got in! And I didn't even wait in the back of the line like they told me to do, deal with that! With high-fives, thumbs ups, and the relief-forehead motions, I passed the randoms and silently celebrated m victory. It really is the little things.

So, now that I'm back in Ourense, I'm trying to get my running schedule back on track. But a PROBLEM!! Part of the trail is washed out! The benches and tables that were on the trail are now submerged and the stairs that lead to them are all washed out, it is totally Titanic.

Anyway, since I do not have the patience to do photos and word posts, the next post I will do will have pictures of winter in Galicia, winter in Kansas and THE FLOODED TRAIL!! I know I'M excited!


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