Monday, October 26, 2009

Fotos! Continuity is a rigid standard to which I will not conform.

  1. These photos might not make sense, but at least I put some up so you can see a little of Monforte!
These two are basically what I see as I walk through town. And the gray is not an effect but how bleak and dreary it really looks in the mornings, ick.

  1. This is art! Actually one is a set up lights in the "Florida" plaza, so I guess it is supposed to look like a bouquet of flowers? I'm not even sure the lights work. The next picture is graffiti pro-Galicia: auto-determiNACION.
Next is a photo of the castle that makes Monforte (semi)famous. Also, there is the language school! We are all in dislike with the scaffolding since it is for another building (allegedly).

The pictures with all the people (I have become incompetent at blogging everyone, my apologies!) are either the staff I'm working with or the view from the stairs where I was standing as they were giving their speeches.

Also, there are 4ish photos about all the signs and stuff the professors made protesting! It's in gallego so you have to use your imagination, and actually a pretty interesting argument, but photos are more fun to look at.

Finally, there is one photo of scenery somewhere in the mix. Isn't it pretty! Galicia has a really gorgeous countryside which I have seen from like eight different viewpoints: Santiago to Monforte (and back), Ourense to Monforte (and back, three days a week!), Ourense to Pontevedra (through Vigo) (and back). Ok, so maybe not 8, but 6, which is close enough to 8 - I round up.

Ok, that's it for now. Next time will be pictures of Ourense, mostly the route I run, and expect it to be similarly chaotic and in a general state of disorder.

Love and miss you all!

(ok I just saw a preview of this and it looks really bad. I will certainly not be getting any bloggie awards for this one, haha)


  1. bloggie awards or no, I love the photogs!! A+

  2. Great photos, they remind me of Spain....wait a second, it is Spain!!!! I hate you!!! :P

  3. So are you based in Ourense and working there or are you going to travel everyday between the 2 locations?
    Yes the countryside around here is fantastic, so is the wine too!

    Best wishes
    Ian and Irene


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