Monday, June 22, 2009

Step 0.1

Oh, hello there!

I see you have stumbled across my humble blog. As the preliminary entry, I am basically just testing all the settings and remembering how to manage such a thing. My last attempt at electronically recording my events, experiences and observations unfortunately must be classified as an epic fail. Too many interesting things happened to me and I totally neglected to share it with people who are bored enough to read about this, I mean, people who love me.

So as my mid-year resolution, I vow to comply with the expectations people have of a blogger - small-scale, mind you - and at least grant you a glimpse of the semi-entertaining and evocative things I experience/get myself into. With that said, here is the unveiling of the blog that is hopefully fascinating enough to keep you coming back for all the posts I hope to remember to submit.

Next up, the processes for the next year of my life and possibly my summer adventures so far! Here's to keeping my mid-year resolution and to keeping it interesting! See you next time!

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